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Home Learning

As we start Term 6, almost all of our pupils will have had at least 10 weeks away from their friends, their routines and their teachers and class staff. We know just how much the anxiety levels of some of our pupils have been raised and therefore there is a lot of work that we can do through our curriculum in order to address this.

Given the magnitude of change for our pupils, we are introducing a restorative curriculum across the school community. We have based our restorative curriculum on research done by Barry and Matthew Carpenter and the group ‘Restore Our Schools’ ( Please see the attachments below for further information.

Each class will be loading information onto their Home Learning page every week. Therefore the same activities can be completed at home as in school. We would love to see any pictures you have so please email them into the school office.

In addition, there are wide range of different ideas and activities that can be completed with your child on the 'Additional Resources' page of this section, as well as those set out in our Homework Booklet, which can be accessed via this link or under the 'Families tab' and 'Homework' in the menu bar.

Pupils are likely to be online much more over the coming weeks. The risks will vary depending on their age, please see the attachment below for some tips to help keep them safe and healthy.