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£656 raised for Children in Need

Holly Class organised a hugely successful Children in Need day

Children in Need

This year it was down to Holly Class to organise a fundraising day for Children in Need. After lots of discussion they decided that they definitely wanted to hold a virtual disco via teams for the children. Lower School were encouraged to take part in the duck race that was streamed live on the Children in need website, they put together a treasure hunt, and they even bought in baby photos of themselves to make a quiz for the classes to complete! The Student Centre were given some age appropriate activities from the Children in Need Website, and Upper School were given the treasure hunt and baby quiz, along with the virtual disco! A fun day was had by all, and even Pudsey made an appearance in the afternoon, and did a socially distanced walk around the classrooms! We managed to raise £656 in total, which is absolutely amazing!!

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