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Duke of Edinburgh

Written by Lily

Day 1

First we got our equipment together for our expedition.  Next we went outside to set up the tents. I found it tricky because the tent pole kept getting stuck but we all worked as a team to help each other. after we set up the tents we all got given a route card to follow. After that we went on the walk to the ridgeway, I found the walk tricky because I kept getting attacked by flies and it was challenging to walk up the hill. We all looked after each other as a team and gave encouragement. After we reached the top of the hill we had lunch on the ridgeway. After we finished our lunch we carried on walking to the main road and we went back to school. Next we went to the sensory theatre we had a challenge to do. We had to help everyone to get across the ladder safely and we worked as a team and made sure no one fell in the crevasse. After the sensory theatre we went outside we did a scavenger hunt we had to find each letter beginning with of Duke of Edinburgh. After the scavenger hunt, first we got our equipment ready for tea next we put the fuel in the camping stoves, and we put the saucepans on the stove after that we put water in the saucepans, when it was boiled we added the pasta. After the pasta was cooked we drained it before adding the sauce. We all worked together making our tea. After we finished our tea we went to senior school kitchen to wash up our bowls and cutlery after we washed up our stuff we pack our equipment away in the trolley for Day 2.

Day 2

First we all got given a route card to follow around town we stayed together as a team and helped each other on the walk. After we finished our walk we went to Betcherman park for our Break. After we had our break we went back to the Student Centre to get our lunch equipment.  Next we went to our campsite and we set up for lunch. We got the equipment ready for lunch. We all worked as a team to cook lunch my job was cutting the bread for the hotdogs. After we finished our lunch we packed away the lunch equipment afterwards we packed the tents away then we went back to the student centre to wash up our stuff. Next we packed our equipment away in the cupboard. we worked as a team to tidy up our stuff. After we finished tidying up we had an ice cream and we went home on the taxis.

I have enjoyed Doing Duke of Edinburgh and I want to do Duke of Edinburgh again next year.