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Russian Week

Written by Jacob, Skye and Saffy, Callum T and Lily

As part of our Olympic work we are looking at different countries. Last week we learnt about Russia. Here is what the students said....

On Thursday we learned about Russia we found some interesting information to make the flag we used jelly and sorted them into the right places, and then we eat them after that we had beetroot soup for lunch with bread and for desert we had Rhubarb crumble I really enjoyed the lesson and I was really glad to learn lots of interesting facts about Russia (Jacob)

Last week as part of the Olympics we did the country Russia.We Made the Russian flag out of jelly and sorted them into the colours of the Russian flag they are white, blue and Red. For lunch we had beetroot soup with a bread roll for dessert we had rhubarb crumble. (Lily and Callum T)

We are doing countries of the Olympic Games. Last week we did Russia. For lunch we had beetroot soup, we also had jelly and we put the colours in order of the flag. (Skye and Saffy)