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Home learning.

Writtten by Chelsie.

Last week I did my school work from home.

Two mornings last week I started my school day by doing exercise, one day I did Yoga and the other day I did exercise with Joe Wicks.

I watched news round which was about Mr. Biden becoming the 46th President of the USA. I then discussed this with my Mum and Dad whilst we had dinner.

I did my folder work on the computer about public transport / travel training. I found out about where to get the information from and what buses I would need to get from Abingdon to Oxford.

I made lunch three times, Mac & Cheese, Bacon sandwiches and chili.

I also did some household chores, I made the beds, hoovered the bedrooms and cleaned the toilets.

I also did the big question and decided I wanted to be invisible. I chose to be invisible so I was able to watch others without them seeing me.

What I enjoyed most during my home schooling was discussing the big question with everyone on zoom.