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Enterprise 2024

Student enterprise round up of the year so far by Amana and Elise

This year we have been working on lots of different enterprise projects. All monies raised go towards our Duke of Edinburgh or selected charities.

Every Friday at the end of the month, we host a coffee morning for the school and the community. We have hosted around seven coffee mornings so far. Our jobs we do are serving cakes/teas and coffees, washing up, cleaning, and bringing cups and plates, welcoming and hosting. We are in a team of 3 and all the teams get a job, and we do it all by ourselves. They are running quite well now.

Hanging baskets are currently being organised and orders being taken, and they should be ready after Easter.

Every Tuesday, some of the students work on the staff lunch enterprise. Students rotate roles each term. The staff order through an email we send out to them or they can phone through to the Student Centre to place their order. On the menu there are breakfast muffins, toasties, paninis, jacket potatoes, and a meal of the week. This could be curry or a pasta dish and changes every week.

For the PTA Friends of Fitzwaryn, we planned to have a stall at the fayre. We made sausage rolls, and puff pasty snacks to sell. We also make some mulled apple juice. The project went well and Elisa, Selina, and Lucy all volunteered to help on the day and all our sausage rolls sold out! 

We had our yearly enterprise of Present Palace in December 2023. We set up 'shop' in the art room and it worked really well. We had lots of great presents donated and all the children in the school enjoyed picking presents and helping to wrap them for their loved ones! We raised lots of money for our selected charities. 

We enlisted the help of all the other classes in the school to create a 'Fitzwayn school calendar' for the year 2024. We gave each class a month, and they had to create an image to go with the month. We think the calendar turned out lovely, all the classes did a great job. 

We are currently working to expand our enterprise offers. We want to have a pop-up shop to go alongside our coffee mornings. We have been working on;

- Knitted hats
- Cards 
- I-cord projects and wire letters/words
- Upcycled plant pots
- Wooden planters

. This is a work in progress, and hopefully we will have some new products for sale very soon!