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Kassam Visit for SEND Live preps

Visit to the Kassam in preparation for work experience. By Joseph Flack. 

Last Wednesday, Charlie, Liam and I went to the Kassam Stadium to meet Lydia Martin and the teams we are going to be doing our work experience with for SEND Live this April.   

We went on a tour of the Kassam Stadium with some students from Kingfisher’s school who are also going to be doing some work experience there. We had a tour of the kitchens, which is where Charlie, Selina and I will be working, and we met the catering team. They were all friendly.

Lydia gave us the timetable for the day, letting us know what we were going to be doing and when. I am happy and excited about the event now and looking forward to my work experience. 

SEND live is on April 17th   this year and I can’t wait to do my work there.