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Shopping in Wantage and using my World Book Day voucher by Joseph

Yesterday, Elder class went shopping at Sainsbury’s in Wantage. We went on the bus Wantage to practise planning for and using public transport. When at the bus stop, I got my pass ready. I didn’t want to lose it.

We worked as a team to get items at the shop and I worked with Charlie. After we got the items we needed, we went to the checkout to scan the items and pay for our shopping.

We went back to school. Going back to school was very exhausting. We needed to hold the bags together because the bags were heavy, and we needed to hold the muscles very tight.

I also went to the bookshop to get a book for World Book Day using my token.  After I chose my book, I gave the token to the person in the shop and I said thank you. 

When we got back to the Student Centre, we helped to sort the food and put all the shopping away.

It was a busy morning.