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Employer Encounter October 2023

Written by Tomas S

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Helen, who is a paramedic for the South-Central ambulance service. She came in to answer our questions about working as a paramedic. She taught us how to do CPR on a model that we called Bob John. Mrs Rudman had her heart rate tested on an ECG machine, she had sticky electrodes stuck on her, and we could see that she had a healthy heartbeat. Next, we went out to the car park to look around the Mercedes ambulance. It’s a van, and it has all the lifesaving equipment that the paramedics use to take patients to the hospital. Helen is based near where I live. Helen let us look in the ambulance and we were able to sit in the front.  After that, me and some of the other students showed Helen around the school and gave her a tour. We all enjoyed meeting Helen, asking her questions and learning about her job.