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Please find below our most recent Newsletters. 

  1. Newsletter 11th November 2021.pdf Download
  2. Newsletter 11th October 2021.pdf Download
  3. Fitzwaryn COVID 19 Risk Assessment AUGUST 2021.pdf Download
  4. Newsletter 6th September 2021.pdf Download
  5. Summer Newsletter 2021.pdf Download
  6. Newsletter 6th July 2021.pdf Download
  7. Newsletter 11th June 2021.pdf Download
  8. Newsletter 24th May 2021.pdf Download
  9. Newsletter 21st April 2021.pdf Download
  10. Newsletter 30th March 2021.pdf Download
  11. Fitzwaryn COVID 19 Risk Assessment MARCH 2021.pdf Download
  12. Newsletter 5th March 2021.pdf Download
  13. Newsletter 23rd February 2021.pdf Download
  14. Newsletter 5th February 2021.pdf Download
  15. Newsletter 7th January.pdf Download
  16. Newsletter 5th January 2021.pdf Download
  17. Second Newsletter 4th January 2021.pdf Download
  18. Newsletter 4th January 2021.pdf Download
  19. Newsletter 31st December 2020.pdf Download
  20. Newsletter 16th December.pdf Download
  21. Newsletter 27th November.pdf Download
  22. COVID-19 Parents Carers.pdf Download
  23. Newsletter 13th November.pdf Download
  24. Newsletter 4th November.pdf Download
  25. Newsletter 23rd October.pdf Download
  26. Autumn Activity Ideas.pdf Download
  27. Newsletter 16th October.pdf Download
  28. Newsletter 2nd October.pdf Download
  29. Fitzwaryn COVID 19 Risk Assessment SEPTEMBER 2020 v2 (2).docx Download
  30. COVID 19 symptoms.pdf Download
  31. Newsletter 18th September.pdf Download
  32. OSLO Newsletter September 2020.pdf Download
  33. Newsletter 4th September.pdf Download
  34. Letter to all SEN Parents - 28/08/20 - OCC CONTRACTED ROUTES.pdf Download
  35. Parent letter - 28/08/20.pdf Download
  36. Transport parking for Sept 2020.pdf Download
  37. Summer newsletter 2020.pdf Download
  38. Newsletter 14th July.pdf Download
  39. Newsletter 8th July.pdf Download
  40. Newsletter 1st July.pdf Download
  41. Newsletter 26th June.pdf Download
  42. Newsletter 19th June.pdf Download
  43. Newsletter 12th June.pdf Download
  44. Newsletter 2 5th June.pdf Download
  45. Newsletter 1 5th June.pdf Download
  46. Newsletter 3rd June.pdf Download
  47. Newsletter 21st May.pdf Download
  48. Newsletter 15th May.pdf Download
  49. Newsletter 12th May.pdf Download
  50. Newsletter 28th April.pdf Download
  51. Student Centre letter 20th April.pdf Download
  52. Coronavirus update 21st April.pdf Download
  53. Coronavirus update 1st April.pdf Download
  54. Coronavirus update 13th March.pdf Download
  55. Coronavirus update 24th March.pdf Download
  56. Coronavirus update 20th March.pdf Download
  57. Coronavirus update 19th March.pdf Download
  58. Coronavirus update.pdf Download
  59. March Newsletter 2020.pdf Download
  60. January Newsletter 2020.pdf Download
  61. Christmas newsletter 2019.pdf Download
  62. Christmas letter 2019.pdf Download
  63. Newsletter November 2019.pdf Download
  64. OSLO Newsletter September 2019.pdf Download
  65. Newsletter September 2019 .pdf Download