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Ofsted Report

Ofsted report and letter from the headteacher.

Fitzwaryn remains Outstanding!


As you know, Fitzwaryn was inspected on 12th March by two inspectors from Ofsted. They have now written their report that states:


there is no change to the schools current overall effectiveness grade of outstanding as a result of this inspection’


The inspectors picked up on the strengths of the school and the wonderful array of learning that goes on every day at Fitzwaryn:


·         Pupils are clearly enjoying their time at school:

‘Pupils are happy and enjoy school. They are confident in their opinions about school. The pupils we spoke to say there is nothing they do not like about school. When asked what could be done even better, one said it is amazing already’


·         The inspectors also picked up that the pupils are making good progress and ‘some excel’


·         Thank you to you all for either talking to the inspectors on the day or filling in the online questionnaire; from your responses it is clear that parents are very happy with the school; ‘parents are extremely positive about the school and they say they feel fortunate that their children attend Fitzwaryn. They are rightly confident that their children are very well looked after and make good progress.’

·         We have always had pride in the broad and balanced curriculum that we offer and this was another area that was praised: ‘we found that the current curriculum plan meets the pupils needs well. The overview provides a useful framework of topics and themes to be taught in each year group, incorporating appropriate detail about the skills and knowledge that will be developed.’

You can download a copy of this letter and the OFSTED report below