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Lily's Chinese new year!

Lily has written about the rat in the Chines new year story.

my name is Lily I am a Rat . The emperor has decided we should have a race to see who's the quickest there are thirteen of us some Big some Small. I found the Journey hard Because I Have to go Fast to keep up with the Big Animals. I found it easy to crawl under the Trees but the Big Animals found it Harder. When we come to the River, I Knew I Couldn’t Swim Across so The Ox Helped Me to get Across the Other side of the water. I did Get annoyed with other Animals Because they said I Cheated. But the Ox was Helping Me I think they were Jealous because I got across quicker than them. I won the race but they told the emperor I Cheated so He treated us all the same and gave us all a year of our own.  re.