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DofE Bronze training walk

DofE training walk today by Joseph Flack. 

This morning Miss Rudman and the Bronze DofE team went for a 5km for walk to work on our fitness in preparation of our expedition. We took turns to be the leader. 

We shared the map with the team. We talked about how to walk sensibly and cross the road safety -  we stop, look listen and think to check the cars, vans, lorries and bikes coming. 

The walk today was exhausting but we need to keep fit and healthy and work as a team. 

Our route today was around Wantage. It was very hard, and we needed to keep to the same pace, work together, be patient and not leave anyone behind. 

There were puddles are all over the place, the fields were a bit boggy and wet and the rain was drizzling a little in the low cloud. 

We took our water bottles with us because we need to keep hydrated when exercising.  

This May, we have our DofE expedition and we need to be fit and strong to get to Courthill.