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Celebration Lunch

Celebration lunch at the Baytree by Joseph 

This morning, some of us went to get the bus to the Baytree for lunch for Lilian's birthday. We planned and researched which bus we needed, to get us to Grove by 12pm. We then walked to the bus stop outside of school and waited for the bus to arrive at the bus stop. We checked we had the bus pass and money ready, and kept them safe because we didn’t lose either of them.

We got off the bus at the bus stop in Grove, and we walked to the Baytree pub for lunch. We choose meals for everyone. We ate the meal. It was so scrumptious and nice.

When we had finished, we got ready for a long walk back to school. It was very exhausting. The fields were boggy and wet because of the flooding all over the place.

We needed to stop, look, listen and think to check for the cars and lorries coming and to stay safe on the roads. We had a brilliant afternoon.