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The big expedition


Day 1 When we arrived at school we got everything we needed to go camping. Then we started to set the tents up, it was very challenging but we did do well at working as a team. Then we went out on a walk, we also used a route card so we would not get lost. After that we had a rest and ate our launch because we were very tired after climbing up the large hill which was very challenging, then we got on bus to go back to school. After we arrived back to school we went to the sensory theatre, we did a challenge, we had to cross a ladder, to compete the challenge we all had to work together to cross the ladder and we did well at it. After that we did a challenge where we had to find words that rhymed. Then we had pasta, we all made it on the stoves and used our own plates. After that we cleaned our stuff up and we went home with our parents.

Day 2 When we got back to school we went on a walk in town, and for our break we stopped at Benjamin park, we then had our picture near the shop at a sigh post. After we came back to school we used the stoves to make hot dogs and beans. After that we packed the tents and stoves away, and then we went back to the student centre and cleaned all the stuff, and then we put everything back in the places where we got the stuff from, and after that we got ice cream and ate it with the others, then we went home on our taxis.