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Hiking adventures

Written by Ella

 Day 1

We all worked as a team to set up the tents.

We helped each other, I found this quite hard, however, we worked as a team which helped.

 Then it was time to walk up the ridgeway we had a route card to follow.

It was very hard and we had a steep hill to climb. Then we ate lunch on the ridgeway and then we walked the rest of the route.  We went back to school on the minibus. We went to the sensory theatre and we did the mount Everest crossing, which was a ladder across a crevasse, we managed by working as a team.

And then we went to sit in our tents for a break.  Then we did a scavenger hunt using the letters of the Duke of Edinburgh which we all enjoyed it.

 Then we set up the camping stove

and we cooked dinner, which was pasta and sauce.

Then we washed and cleared everything away ready for the next day.

day 2 

First we followed a route round the Town

and then we went to Betcherman park,

had a break and a sit down.

Then we walked back to school and we went to the student centre to get all the camping things like hot dogs and baked beans and cooked our lunch on the camping stoves. Afterwards we cleaned up

all the rubbish and all the little bits that was on the floor. Then we tided the tent and put it away, after that we all had a lovely ice cream on the playing field.

 I enjoyed my Duke of Edinburgh experience.