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School Development Plan


Our vision is that:

“Through learning to learn, pupils will access society”

Our mission is:

‘To give each pupil the richest and most appropriate education through which we aim to enhance positive attributes, minimise difficulties and encourage pupil independence’

The Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Outcomes for Children and Learners

  • To continue to develop Multi Me
    • To extend access to Multi-Me for all parents.
    • For pupils within upper school to begin to use Multi-Me as a safe social network.


  • To work towards further enhancing staff and governor skills and knowledge:
    • To review the induction procedure for all staff.  
    • To review CPD procedures for all staff and implement an annual schedule of training (linked to above)
    • To review the new appraisal procedures for TAs and support staff and ensure they are embedded within the annual cycle. 


  • To review communication with all stakeholders and the community including :
    • The consideration of the use of social media: Twitter/Facebook. 
    • The consideration of the commissioning of a new website.


  • Safeguarding - To embed systems for managing visitors and review safety and security of school once the build has been finished. To embed a new system for managing and recording child protection issues.  


  • Assessment: 
    • To continue to keep under review assessment and reporting procedures that includes assessment within the PMLD curriculum. To continue to explore outcomes following the Rochford Review.
    • Revise Planning and Assessment procedures and review policy.
    • To embed pupil assessment and behaviour within the wider MIS system.
    • To monitor the process of EHCP reviews in relation to assessment of outcomes and gain feedback from parents.
    • To track assessment within the horticulture strand of the curriculum.



  • Curriculum Development:
    • To ensure that the curriculum offer at each stage within the school are clearly defined and communicated effectively.
    • To revise the curriculum, assessment and reporting policy.
    • To embed ‘Real PE’ within the curriculum offer.



  • To embed the new Values programme including British Values into the annual cycle. To investigate the Values Mark for completion 2019 – 2020.
  • To review the outside learning opportunities for pupils including all available areas.
  • To further develop professional knowledge and understanding of mental health for students.
  • To review all school delivered therapies within the school and consider their effectiveness and impact on pupils.  
  • Staff - To support and promote staff well-being (PAT) with particular focus on reviewing workload, training and supervision for staff.
  • Maths:
    • To maximise pupil progress within the measures strand of the curriculum.
  • Literacy:
    • To raise standards within teaching and learning of reading.  To review the school library and ensure it is fit for purpose enhancing the reading provision within the school.
    • To review the Big Write/Story telling in Upper School ensuring that literacy skills are maximised through these curriculum areas.
  • Communication:
    • To maximise the opportunities for pupils to communicate throughout the day.
  • Post 16:
    • To continue to improve the support and advice to families when transitioning to life after school including the continuation of the development of the World of Work.
    • To introduce Dof E to the curriculum offer at Post 16
  • EYFS :
    • To enhance the curriculum    offer by utilising the newly refurbished outside space and maximising learning opportunities.. To further enhance staff training.
  • To ensure that all elements of E safety are covered within the curriculum and relevant information presented to parents.
  • Community – to investigate the possibility of running a scheme such as the Prince William Trust initiative within the School (PAT)

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