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Our Vision

Fitzwaryn’s Vision is:

Through learning to learn, pupils will access society’

Fitzwaryn’s Mission is:

‘To give each pupil the richest and most appropriate education through which we aim to enhance positive attributes, minimise difficulties and encourage pupil independence’

 Our intention is to provide:

  • Highly specialised staff who work together to contribute to the delivery of excellent and creative teaching and learning opportunities for all of our pupils.

  • A secure and supportive learning environment in which pupils can gain self-confidence through their own personal, emotional and social development and make exceptional progress.

  • A broad and balanced curriculum, including the National Curriculum allowing for the Social, Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Development of each child.

  • A programme of first rate professional development that enables staff to enhance their skills to meet the individual needs of all our pupils.

  • Opportunities for pupils to develop their understanding of 21st Century Britain through the teaching of British Values.  

  • Small teaching groups to facilitate the implementation of individual programmes.

  • Community activities that will enhance the curriculum offer and enable the pupils to achieve their individual goals. 

  • Opportunities for close cooperation with parents, families,  governors and other stakeholders.

  • A positive working relationship between school staff and other professional agencies to ensure each child receives outstanding  provision.

  • To work with our mainstream partners, offering high quality and relevant SEN advice, guidance and training, for professionals, colleagues and parents.

Fitzwaryn’s Values are: Friendship, Respect, Perseverance, Co-operation, Fairness and Peace

September 2018


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