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Our Vision

Fitzwaryn’s vision is:

Through learning to learn, pupils will access society’


Fitzwaryn’s mission is:

 ‘Our objective is to give each pupil the richest and most appropriate education through which we aim to enhance positive attributes, minimise difficulties and encourage pupil independence’


Through the implementation of the Mission Statement our intention is to provide:

  • A secure and supportive learning environment.
  • A structure that will enable staff to meet individual pupil needs.
  • A positive atmosphere in which pupils can gain self-confidence through their own emotional and social development.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum including the national curriculum that also allows for the Social Spiritual Moral and Cultural Development of each child.
  •  Small teaching groups to facilitate the implementation of individual programmes.
  • Appropriate resources to the best of our ability.
  • Outside activities e.g. swimming field trips, horse riding and residential courses that enable a broader outlook.
  • The facility for close cooperation with parents and governors.
  • A positive working relationship between school staff and other professional agencies.
  • Integration into mainstream schools or within Fitzwaryn whenever it is in the interests of the child. 


Our overall aim is to match staff expertise to pupil need and to raise pupil achievement.

 September 2016

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