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EHCP & Annual reviews

The Fitzwaryn School
The Fitzwaryn School

In order to help with the process of completing paperwork for Education Health Care Plans Reviews there is a step-by-step guide on the left hand side of the page underneath the heading 'Related Downloads'. This highlights what will be sent out, when it will be sent out and which sections need completing and returning.

From September 2014, EHC plans started to replace Statements of special educational needs and Learning Difficulty Assessments. They focus on what a child or young person wants to achieve and what support is needed to do this. The EHC plan is tailored to meet your child's particular needs so each plan looks different. The EHC plan includes information about how your child likes to communicate, what support is needed and what they would like to achieve.

The EHC plan is reviewed each year which provides an opportunity for all the relevant parties to make any changes needed and amend any outcomes if required.

For help completing the all about me section please follow this link: Oxfordshire family support network: parent's guide

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