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British Values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural developement




Fitzwaryn School

British Values and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development


High quality spiritual, moral, social and cultural

development ensures that pupils’ personal

development is outstanding”                   

   OFSTED 2014                   

The British Values are:


 The rule of the law

  Individual liberty

 Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and belief and those without faith

Spiritual Development involves:

  • The development of insights, principles, beliefs, attitudes and values which guide and motivate us.
  • A developing understanding of feelings and emotions which support reflection and learning.
  • Developing recognition that pupils own insights, principles, beliefs, attitudes and values influence them in their lives.

Moral Development involves:

  • Self-value and understanding of capacity to develop and grow.
  • Relationships – valuing others for themselves.
  • Society – valuing truth, freedom, justice, human rights, the law and promotion of the common good.

Social Development involves:

  • Pupils interests in and the understanding of the way communities and societies function at a variety of levels and their responsibility towards ensuring this.
  • Pupils developing social skills to work and live effectively with each other.
  • Positive participants an contribution that may include conflict resolution.
  • Functioning effectively in a diverse society by modelling mutual respect of others and of property and socialising with pupils from different religions, ethnic and socio – economic backgrounds .


Cultural Development involves:

  • Ensuring that pupils understand and respect their own culture and reject discrimination based on difference.
  • Developing a willingness to participate in new experiences and to develop awareness of music, art, dance, literature etc. in different cultures.

British Values and the links to Spiritual Development

May be evidenced in:

School Values


School rules


Class rules


Equality and respect for all


Focus of the pupils on the acquisition of Empathy


Reflection on experiences


Pupils leaning about themselves


Teachers encourage reflective response


Teachers encouraging students to show mutual respect and tolerance for those from different faiths








British Values and the links to Moral Development

May be evidenced in:

Behaviour and Emotional Support policies – ascribed to all members of the school community.

Effective Equality policies and practices.

Opportunities across the curriculum to explore and develop moral concepts and values.

Safe environments where pupils feel able to express their views/individualism and to contribute to processes that ensure others feel safe.

Respect for all.

Pupils to expect to be cared for and who understand consequences of behaviours and actions.

Recognition and respect for different cultures in the school and wider community


British Values and the links to Social Development

May be evidenced in:

Fostering a sense of community with inclusive values that ensure all members of the community can flourish.

Pupils being supported to respect social differences and to work cooperatively together through inclusive whole school experiences.

Deliberate teaching and modelling of personal qualities which promote resilience and interaction e.g. respect, empathy, conflict resolution.

Pupils being provided with the opportunities to increase independence and responsibility skills within the school and in the community.

 British Values and the links to Cultural Development

May be evidenced in:

Curriculum opportunities provided to enable pupils to explore cultural values and to participate in literature, drama, music, craft in relation to local, national and global communities.

The effectiveness of action taken to reduce discrimination related to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation.

The development of partnerships with outside agencies to extend pupils cultural awareness e.g. theatre visits, museum, galleries, visiting artists.

Displays. Posters, exhibitions that reinforce cultural development.

Spiritual Development

How is it evidenced at Fitzwaryn?

Emotional Vocabulary development

How you feel thermometers

Outdoor learning/residential

Self Esteem programmes

Circle Times

Celebration Assemblies

Charity work


Values Education Programme


Sensory curriculum

Sensory Theatre






Reflection encouraged

Visitors into school

Equality Objectives

Different ministers/pastors leading end of term assemblies

Harvest festival


Grace at lunchtime

Communication groups

Therapies – Drama, Music


Use of diary writing

Lesson plans


Tree week 

International Schools Award -2013-2016

Commonwealth themed days

Commonwealth sports day

Links with the Happy House School at Watamu.

French trip/Cafe –

Whole school Commonwealth theme for summer term.

PSHE around election time

Team Enterprise

Student Centre visit to parliament

MP for lunch

Voting for class reward

Easter Assembly

Collective Workship

Speaker of the House of Commons visit to school

Moral Development

How is it evidenced at Fitzwaryn?

Positive Behaviour Policy

Charity appeals

Anti – Bullying Week (SEAL)

Visits to community e.g. old people’s homes/day centres

Pupil Voice (ECO and School) Councils

Conflict resolution

PSHE curriculum

Communication groups – strong emphasis on social and moral development

Lunchtime targets


Class jobs/taking responsibility

Drama club

Circle times

Ethos of mutual respect

Code of Conduct Tree

Mutual respect tree

Age appropriate responsibilities


RE lessons

Work experience

Lesson plans

Tree week

International Schools Award -2013-2016

Commonwealth themed days

Commonwealth sports day

Links with the Happy House School at Watamu.

French trip/Cafe –July 2014

Whole school Commonwealth theme for

Following and understanding school rules











Social Development

How is it evidenced at Fitzwaryn?

Anti-Bullying week(SEAL)

Circle time

School Council

Clubs e.g. drama/cooking club

School visits including upper school and lower school residential trips

ECO council

PHSE initiatives



Work Experience

Enterprise Schemes

Communication groups

Role Play opportunities

In reach


Citizenship/current affairs

Community Projects with partner schools

Setting table at Old People’s home

Coop – community links

IEP – personal targets

Travel training


Soft play room

Community PE

Assessment for Learning

Propeller project

Team Enterprise

Charity support

Duke of Edinburgh  award

OSLO facilitating participation at Beatbox, Barnardos club

Lesson plans

Tree week 

International Schools Award -2013-2016

Commonwealth themed days

Commonwealth sports day

Links with the Happy House School at Watamu.

French trip/Cafe

Whole school Commonwealth

School fete 2018


Cultural Development

How is it evidenced at Fitzwaryn?

Projects linked to other countries

Sign language

Art, Music events

Celebration Days – e.g. Chinese New Year, French week

Links with other schools

Visits from people belonging to different faiths and /or cultures

Visits to church and other places of worship

Use of Sensory Theatre


Use of range of gender/races on symbols used and in teaching resources

(Teacher exchange visits in previous years)

Theatre trips


Music – experience of different cultures

Themed weeks – Africa

Units of Work – Olympics

Resources in school to address cultural needs e.g. espresso

Library resources

Story sacs/Book bags

Sensory theatre

PHSE Units of work

Arts Mark

Artists in school e.g. clay masks

Participation in Shakespeare for schools

Lesson plans

Tree week 

International Schools Award -2013-2016

Commonwealth themed days

Commonwealth sports day

Links with the Happy House School at Watamu.

French trip/Cafe

Whole school Commonwealth theme


Impact on pupils


Children start to show empathy, start to relax and show ability to reflect on own and others’ achievements.

Pupils develop attitudes, values and principles. There is an increased ability for them to centre themselves, empathise with others and see beyond the self.

Pupils have time to reflect/calm down which positively  impacts on their behaviour.

Pupils are able to remember/recollect.

All these things are part of their routine eg. They will not start eating until Grace has been said.


Impact on pupils


Pupils have more confidence in themselves and in their community.

Pupils are able to give reasons for things being right and wrong

There is no fighting in school and a positive atmosphere pervades.

Pupils look after each other and take responsibility for each other; any conflicts are resolved quickly and effectively.

Pupils have very clear values which impacts on their behaviour, they have a definite sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Impact on pupils


Pupils know how to interact appropriately with others. Pupils model good behaviour to each other.

Pupils are able to socialise with a wide range of people. We always receive positive comments from the community when we go on trips and when we receive visitors.

Pupils are able to cope with a variety of situations.

Pupils build relationships and friendships. Increased confidence at school goes beyond the school gates to situations such as work experience and social clubs

Impact on pupils


Pupils are more familiar with and aware of people from different cultural backgrounds which helps to contribute to a positive atmosphere in school.

Pupils are willing to participate in a variety of activities, including sensory activities.

Pupils have an understanding of a world outside their own.




Examples of how Fitzwaryn teaches our students the British Values: Staff meeting March 16


  • Mutual respect in the classroom and around school
  • Teaching life skills
  • Allowing for individual voices
  • Philosophy for Children  within communication teaching the children to have a voice and opinion
  • Relaxation Yoga
  • Respecting and understanding that rules are there to keep us safe and stop you harming anyone
  • E safety – responsibility to keep safe on social media
  • Anti bullying
  • Teaching students to communicate and express themselves and their feelings
  • Making choices- understanding there are consequences for these choices.
  • Students given the choice to opt out of things they feel uncomfortable with
  • Assemblies




  • Following and understanding school rules in structured and unstructured environments
  • Following and understanding class rules
  • Knowing the police are there to ensure everyone follows the rule and do not break the law.  They are there to help us.
  • Following the rules of the game
  • Work experience
  • Anti bullying
  • History  lessons
  • Lives of historical figures Malcom X and Martin Luther King
  • Following rules in different environments
  •  In communication lessons

-       Learning who to trust to help keep themselves safe

-       Learning what to do if someone asks them to do something that they know is wrong

  • Behaviour plans understanding there are consequences for the choices they make


  • School council
  • Team Enterprise
  • PSHE around election time
  • Student Centre visit to London and Parliament
  • Ed Vaizey (local MP) invited for  lunch
  • Voting for class reward
  • Discussions in cooking
  • Understanding that not everyone has the same opinion as themselves
  • History lessons e.g. – commonwealth British Empire
  • Understanding that everyone has a right to an opinion/ vote – EU vote


  • RE learning about different faiths/cultures/way of life
  • Assemblies to  celebrate events in different countries/cultures/faiths
  • Culture of mutual respect in school and classrooms
  • Values
  • Stripy book
  • Prayers
  • Supporting charities
  • Anti-bullying
  • Trips to different religious buildings
  • Relaxation times for reflections
  • Yoga
  • Religious visitors to school



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