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Safeguarding Children

Ms Jane Edwards is the Safeguarding Lead at Fitzwaryn. The full list of Designated Teachers for Safeguarding is: Ms Jane Edwards, Mrs Stephanie Coneboy, Mr Chris Slatter, Mrs Becky Broomfield, Mrs Jane Pierce, Mrs Clair Taylor, Mrs Tracey Stratton

Jane Chris Becky Jane Clair Tracey Stratton
Jane  Stephanie  Chris Becky   Jane  Clair Tracey

If you have any concerns regarding the safety and well-being of any pupils, please report to one of the Designated Teachers for Safeguarding.

 If none are available, please report your concerns to Mrs Marion Evans (Safeguarding Governor)

 If none of the above are available then please report to Ms Alison Beasley or Ms Donna Crozier  (Local Authority  

Designated Officers)   (01865 815956/01865 323457/01865 816382)           

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