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Fitzwaryn Dogs

Lola with Isobel and their prizes.

Lola with Isobel and their prizes.

Betsy at the ploughing match.

Betsy at the ploughing match.

1st October 2013

Tuesday 1st October 2013

This weekend, both Lola and Betsy have had great fun at two different events.

Lola went to the Millets Farm Dog Show on Saturday with Mrs Coneboy and her daugther. It was a busy day with lots of dogs and people but Lola was very well behaved. She entered the 'Best Crossbreed' class and came 2nd out of 35! She is now the proud owner of a blue rosette and three tennis balls. Well done to Lola, and Isobel for being a fab handler of a bouncy puppy!

Betsy went to the Fairford, Faringdon, Filkins and Burford Ploughing Championships and Country Show with Miss Wenham and Mrs Pierce - and met a few other Fitzwaryn friends there too. It was another busy event with lots to see.  Betsy was not very interested in the ploughing but loved meeting lots of people including a doodle fan who would have happilly taken her home if Miss Wenham hadn't kept tight hold of the lead!

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