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Holland Trip - last day!

Friday 22nd June 2018

Our last day yesterday was as busy as the others have been! 

We hired bikes and had great fun - 3 bikes only - 2 for three people and one for six people! All the students were steering and soon got the hang of it with no mishaps though we did go down some dead ends and had to manoeuvre the bikes to turn round. 


A quick shop for presents and souvenirs to bring home then back in the pool. The students were reluctant to come out of the water but it was time to pack our bags before heading out to a beach restaurant we had found. The food was lovely, we had a beautiful view of the beach and sea and we finished with Awards for all,! 


No time to linger as the evening entertainment was starting and the students wanted to make sure they had a table near the front!  


We have had a brilliant week but I think they are all looking forward to coming home - we couldn’t keep this pace up!, 


We are leaving straight after breakfast - tired students with sunny faces and big smiles will be on their way back to the UK!


Thanks to all parents for letting us bring their amazing students - they have been great company.


Karen Tracy Annie Owen and the intrepid travellers


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